marzo 28, 2019
    Posted by Igordesign

    Author: John Marsden

    ISBN: 9781740937658
    Pages: 7
    Description: I really don’t know what the point of this series is.

    At first this book wasn’t as bad as book #1, but then the mother of a classmate of Gavin’s, rings to tell Ellie that Gavin killed a cat (I won’t go into details) and Ellie says nothing, just hangs up the phone. Does she talk to Gavin about it? Nope. She talks to everyone but him and no one seems in the least bit worried. Then she later talks about how much he loves animals – What. The. Fork.

    I thought maybe we’d find out that the boy he was with at the time was actually the one who did it but the book is cut short and I am wondering if this will even be dealt with in the final book, which I am going to force myself to listen to.

    Also, Ellie really needs to cut Lee loose if she’s going to like every guy around her except him.

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