The Opposite of Chocolate

    aprile 19, 2019
    Posted by Igordesign

    Author: Julie Bertagna

    ISBN: 9780330397469
    Pages: 192
    Description: A second novel for Young Picador from Whitbread-shortlist star! It’s a long, hot summer – and a climactic one. For 14-year-old Sapphire it brings the awesome, terrifying realisation that she is pregnant – a discovery that catapults her into the eye of a storm as her body, her future, her life, become a battleground for everyone’s needs but her own. Meanwhile, out in the humid urban night, a mysterious firebug is running wild, working out his own anger and confusion with dramatic consequences. Somehow, from this cauldron of emotion and fear, Sapphire must find a way to take control of her life – and make the most agonising and lonely of choices.
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