Title: Someone Is Watching

    giugno 24, 2019
    Posted by Igordesign

    Author: Mark A. Roeder

    ISBN: 9780595298945
    Pages: 288
    Description: Someone Is Watching. Someone Knows. It was a nightmare come true for seventeen-year-old Ethan. It’s hard hiding a secret. It’s even harder keeping that secret when someone else knows. Who is the mysterious note-writer, the secret tormentor? Who is the enemy that hides among Ethan’s friends and teammates? Who holds Ethan’s secret over his head, threatening to destroy his entire world? Someone Is Watching is the story of a young high school wrestler that must come to grips with being gay. He struggles first with himself, then with an unknown classmate that hounds his every step. While struggling to discover the identity of his tormentor, Ethan must discover his own identity and learn to live his life as his true self. In the end he is faced with a terrible decision. He must give up what he wants the most, or face his greatest fear of all.
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